Guidelines for Split AC Installation to Obtain Proper Cooling.

For optimum cooling it is necessary to install Voltas split AC accurately. Poor installation defines frequent maintenance cycles and less energy efficiency.

Select right indoor unit installation area

The wall needs to be strong to accommodate indoor unit. Strong wall ensures no vibrations d within the wall. There needs to be minimum 15 cm distance on the sides and above the indoor unit for proper flow or air. The height for installation is 7 feet from the floor for sufficient cooling within the room.

Fix mounting plate

Hold the mounting plate horizontally against the wall to mount indoor unit. Horizontal position can be achieved using a spirit level or measuring tape. Mark points with pencil, where holes need to be drilled to fasten the mounting plate. Drill holes on pencil marks, insert plastic anchors ad tighten screws.

Drill outlet hole

A hole of 7 to 8 cm needs to be drilled in proper position for the wire and pipes to go out from the wall and get linked with outdoor unit.

Mount the indoor unit

Remove front cover of the indoor unit and lift it towards the mounting plate. Send wire, two copper pipes, and drainage pipe outside through drilled outlet hole. The bends in copper plate needs to be smooth for maintaining better cooling.

All the four components need to be bonded together with a tape. Now, mount indoor unit carefully on the mounting plate. The indoor unit needs to be fixed at an angle so that the condensed water flow freely from drain pipe to outside.

Choose outdoor unit installation location

The outdoor unit needs to have 30-35 cm space all around for enabling heat dissipation without any hindrance. In addition, avoid spots with direct sunlight and dust.

Proper placement

You need to place it on flat and firm surface. All key components are housed in this unit. If surface is not flat, the air conditioner when activated will vibrate excessively. This can cause coolant leakage, copper pipes breakage, ad compressor damage. Vibration can make plenty of noise that could disturb your sleep.

Right distance

Correct distance between both units play crucial part in cooling. Coolant at low temperature flows between copper tubes connecting the outdoor and indoor unit. During this process there can be cooling effect loss to the atmosphere. Hence, to alleviate this energy loss the distance between both units is recommended to be around 15 meters.

Fix brackets

After you select the correct location to install, it is time to drill holes for fixing the brackets. Ensure correct horizontal alignment. Fix the bracket with fasteners.

Mount outdoor unit

Lift the unit and place it carefully on the bracket to ensure that AC unit and Bracket screw holes coincide. Firmly tighten the bolts to secure the split AC outdoor unit to the bracket.

Connecting wires

Connect power cable to outdoor unit as instructed by the manufacturer to avoid damages.

Copper pipes connection

Clean the pipes with vacuum pump, before connecting. Use flare nuts to connect copper pipes to corresponding pipe port. Tighten the flare nuts and open both gas valves.

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